The making of DiaPow PP Diode

Mar 22, 2021

I received a call from the owner of a service bureau. He was looking urgently for PA 12 powder for his Sintratec machine. I told him that we produce PP powder and HDPE powder and only for machines with CO2 Laser. During the following discussion about the pros and cons about various aspects of the SLS process, we had the idea to modify our PP powder DiaPow PP to be used on his Sintratec printer. I discussed the project with the laboratoy staff the next day. We gave us 1 week for the realisation. Starting from the PP powder for big machines, some modifications were made for the use on machines for printers with a diode laser. Especially the absorbtion behaviour at wavelenghts of 808 nm was examined. For that reason we added carbon black, in fact just enough that the mechanical properties were not reduced. The laborotary crew met the deadline. We sent the customer a sample and after a short period of time we reveived a positive feedback in form of an order. We continued our trials on a Sinterit printer and then our new product was ready for the diode laser market-DiaPow PP Diode