DiaPow High Density Polyethylene HDPE HX – HX R – HX 11

High Density Polyethylene Laser Sinter Powder with very high chemical resistance.
Crosslinking possible to significantly improve mechanical and thermal properties.
Applications: Gasoline and Oil contact, Construction, Electronics, Chemical testing

DiaPow HDPE is a High Density Polyethylene Laser Sinter Powder.

Average Particle Size D 50 40-60 µm
Max. Particle Size D 90 90 µm
100% reusable
Very good chemical resistance
Very good part surface
Painting and welding
Properties Value Unit Testmethod
Density 0,95 g/cm3 ISO 1183 A
Apparent Density 0,38 g/cm3 DIN 53 466
Melt Flow Index 10 g/10 min ISO 1133
Mechanical values of sintered specimen
Tensile Strength 21 MPa ISO 178
Tensile Modulus 2000 MPa ISO 178
Elongation at break 6 % ISO 178
Charpy 23°C 8 kJ/m² ISO 179
Thermal Properties
Vicat A 75 °C ISO 306
Melting Temperature 120 °C DIN 53 736


These properties may vary with different scanning parameters.

These values reflect our state of knowledge and are not binding.

Issued: 31.10.2019

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