About Us

Christian Eviston-Putsch

Christian is managing director of Diamond Plastics
Christian Eviston-Putsch has been active in the additive manufacturing industry for nearly a decade. His experience ranges across a variety of areas from product development to full scale additive manufacturing solutions. His focus lies on opening up new markets and applications.

Michael Putsch

New Materials Manager
Michael has over 30 years experience in the polymer industry, having managed a polymer compounding company focused on polypropylen compounds. With his experience and knowledge of the polymer industry he has ventured into the additive manufacturing industry to develop and accelerate the adoption of new materials.

Diamond Plastics Story

February 2018 in Chemnitz. It is a bitter cold day. We are at the service bureau testing our new DiaPow PP. Will the trials be successful? Waiting, you can feel the suspension surrounding the machine. How will the powder perform? Finally, after a few attempts we’ve reached our goal. Taking the tensile bar and squeezing it between two fingers: it bends without breaking
The sound of cheering fills the air, we made it. Now we can offer the market a powder that is 100% reusable with high mechanical properties. Many parts are produced with PP in various sectors such as automotive, consumer and medical. Now prototypes and small series can be produced with the same material as the production material.

We began with the development of DiaPow PP mid 2016. Our goals: high mechanical properties and 100% reusable. Our partners were the Bayerisches Laserzentrum and the Lehrstuhl für Kunststofftechnik in Erlangen. On our route to success we were supported by innovative service bureaus.

Diamond Plastics was founded in 2009, with the intention of creating new powders for the SLS process. We are currently focused on two types of polymers: Polypropylene and HDPE. Both are among the highest volume plastic resins. Diamond Plastics is one of the few companies independent from material and machine producers. We also develop exclusive formulations and powders for our clients.